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A 501C Non-Profit for kids in Aurora/Denver

Phone:     (303) 200-0032

FAX:          (303) 766-3364

Address:       4614 s. Ivory Cir.

                    Aurora, CO 80015





 About Us

We are a family-owned and operated non-profit charity. We also have a landscape and home care business called Endless Services ( "Play For The Kids" Charity is all done in our free time to help make differences in kid's lives. Randy Snyder (Dad/Papa) is the founder of the charity. His kids that help out are Judd, Colby, Kisha, Jacie, Christa & John Parente. And noneof this would be possible without all of our friends and extended family.

The money that is raised is used to put underprivileged kids into sports and recreation programs in the Aurora/Denver area. We have all been involved in sports for our entire lives and we believe that sports give kids structure, discipline, and confidence that helps them with all of life's challenges.

We are always looking for volunteers to join the cause. Please email if you would like to help out at one of the events or just help behind the scenes.